ROP endangered species poster project


Just prior to our Winter Break the students in the ROP Multimedia class, were assigned a design project to bring about social awareness to those animals that are at risk of becoming extinct.
Each student chose one animal listed on the World Wildlife Fund website ( The students did additional research in order to create these “Awareness” posters to help educate us on the plight of these wonderful animals.
The students were presented with a number of challenges in completing this assignment.  The most significant one was they could not use any color in their design.  Color is a powerful tool.  Thus, limiting the design to grey-scale required these designers to use other graphic elements to bring attention to viewers.
These posters represent a small portion of what these talented student designers produced.
If you are a Gahr student and interested in Graphic Design, I would welcome you to come by and speak with me, or your counselor, about joining the Multimedia class next year.

-         Mr. Randeen, rm 552


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