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Graphic Design Capstone Class: Student Work

Event Poster I The assignment was to create an event poster based on a factious company/client.  As the designer, each student prepared a Design Proposal, Mood Board, Thumbnail Sketches and finally, the Event Poster.
They were to use only originally created artwork. In addition, they were to use typeface(s) and color(s) that properly communicated the message and intent of the event.

Students interested in the Course should register, here is the course description: 1621 ROP Multimedia Communication I (UC/CSU acceptable)  This exciting new course builds computer software skills in digital art using Adobe CS6. Key projects focus on graphic design for print and web,(using real-life scenarios), photo-editing, and building a professional portfolio of work. Students will develop career transferable skills in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. They will receive UC approved credit in fine arts, have the opportunity to develop their performance portfolio, and satisfy art course requirements fo…

Greeting Card Sale 2016

Hello! Below are this year's greeting card designs.
They are $2.50 each and printed on high quality card stock.
Each card comes with a matching envelope.
Orders can be paid in cash or check, payable to Gahr High School.
Orders are due by Thursday Nov 10.
Please email to place an order.
Cards will be delivered by Thanksgiving.