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October 2014 Sketchbook:

You must create a character/creature and incorporate that being into your selected landscape painting. The character/creature must be interacting with its surroundings and cannot be simply placed on top. Character/creature must have a texture of some sort, whether it is implied or simulated texture. Sketch ideas and obtain references of desired character/creature, turn in with project. Any media can be used in this assignment.
1.  Please print you image by Friday, 10/10

Here are popular links for landscape images:

2.  Once you have your image printed, do a rough sketch of your creature (mainly outline) and paint it in with white paint.
3.  Sketch on top of the white shape before you complete your drawing/pa…

Homework Club update!

Hey everyone :)
In case you haven't heard, we have changed the dates for homework club this year.  Instead of being Tuesday - Thursday, we decided being open Monday was too important and eliminated Wednesdays.

Our new schedule is Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 3-4 pm in room 657, and will always be supervised by an ATA teacher.

If you ever want to know which teacher will be on duty, check the "sketchbook and calendar page" which was recently updated up until December.