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Sophomore Gifs 2017

Last month we learned that GIF stands for: Graphics Interchange Format and it's pronounced like "Jiff"!

Here are a few notable works by our Sophomores, based on some of their favorite song lyrics.

David Barragan  Amiah McPherson Heaven Atsebeha
Juan Gutierrez Trinity Khlok

ROP endangered species poster project


Just prior to our Winter Break the students in the ROP Multimedia class, were assigned a design project to bring about social awareness to those animals that are at risk of becoming extinct.
Each student chose one animal listed on the World Wildlife Fund website ( The students did additional research in order to create these “Awareness” posters to help educate us on the plight of these wonderful animals.
The students were presented with a number of challenges in completing this assignment.  The most significant one was they could not use any color in their design.  Color is a powerful tool.  Thus, limiting the design to grey-scale required these designers to use other graphic elements to bring attention to viewers.
These posters represent a small portion of what these talented student designers produced.
If you are a Gahr student and interested in Graphic Design, I would welcome you to come by and speak with me, or your counselor, about joining the Mul…