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ATA recruitment video!

All about us! Thanks to Aysia Smith for her help making this video!

you asked for it, juniors!

When discussing the info from our last guest speaker, curator Michelle White, we started talking about the conditions and controlled environment in most museums.
I instantly thought of this clip from Mr.Bean!
He is a curators worst nightmare!


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About this year's fashion show

We're getting hip-hop happy for the fashion show!!! We've started making the sets and sewing and I can tell that this year is going to ROCK!! 
The Video/Photo students are working on the multimedia presentations, fashion designers are sewing up a storm and I've seen some crazy cool designs, Isaac Chavez won the poster design contest out of all the graphic designers who did a rad job creating the theme. 
Vanessa L. Rodrigues AKA "V-Rod" coined the name: "Lightmare on Fashion Street!" Illustrators combined their noggins to come up with the sets for the stage and show. 
Get your Dayglo on and save the date for the 6th annual fashion show on April 28 and 29th @ Gahr HS.
-Miss Chatman

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