Trend Blend info for 2013

Here are some useful links for the fashion project: *to create a styleboard of your own search for items on and create a collage!
You can be vague or specific, like pants or marc jacobs trousers and then you save the items. When you want to make a collage you select “create” and you can select from your saved items, use a template for more fun and to add text that explains your 2 elements.

or try,
photoshop collage
cut and paste collage

*you can also clip your own items from different websites by adding the “clip button” to your toolbar. Croquis Templates:   < how to make a croquis from magazine images Fashion History-

Clothing Inspiration Sites:
Current trends-
Think of your favorite designers/ dept. stores

 Great Blogs- -mens and women’s (real people photographed on the street!)


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