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Senior Update: Congratulations!!

Congratulations are due to the following seniors:

Lizbeth Ochoa, (Fashion Focus) has recently been accepted to San Francisco State University, Cal State University Long Beach, University of California Riverside, and Cal Poly Pomona. Lizbeth is applying to the "Apparel Merchandising" programs , and we wish her luck in making her decision!

Noel Hernandez, (Graphic Design Focus) has been accepted to the US Marine Corps.

Kaela Pierott, (Fashion Focus) has been accepted by FIDM, the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles.

Nicole Azevedo, (Fashion Focus) is one of only 24 accepted into the Fashion design program at Cal State Long Beach.

Alma Luquin, (Film and Photo Focus) is a finalist in Photograpers Forum's 32nd annual photo contest. Her work is displayed online and in their latest publication.  See her photo here:

Winners Gallery: 2012 :: Best of College & High School Photography sponsored by NIKON » HIGH SCHOOL Finalists » Alma I. Luquin

We are so proud of ALL of our seniors, keep up the awesome work!


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